Dragons Claw

"Whatever Zeus created would contain a measure of Hades – the dark, generously indulgent mirror of the bright and noble being."

'Variety is the spice of life', which is why Zeus Juice created what was at the time, one of the only Dragon Fruit flavours on the market - Dragons Claw. Featuring Dragon Fruit, Grape and Anise, it's a cutting flavour parcelled up nicely in an icy cool breeze.

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Dragons Claw Options

Dragons Claw | 10ml | 3mg/ml | 50VG/50PG

£4.49 £1.00

Dragons Claw | 10ml | 6mg/ml | 50VG/50PG

£4.49 £1.00

Dragons Claw | 10ml | 3mg/ml | 70VG/30PG

£4.49 £1.00

Dragons Claw | 10ml | 6mg/ml | 70VG/30PG

£4.49 £1.00

Dragons Claw 50ml Shortfill


Dragons Claw 100ml Shortfill